Selectica Becomes Determine: A Business Analytics-Enabled Platform Provider

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Selectica Inc. made a big announcement this week: It will now be known as Determine. The provider officially launched its rebranding mission Monday with an aim to position itself as a platform provider that melds contract lifecycle management (CLM), sourcing, supplier management and procure-to-pay (P2P) solutions into a single vision and platform.

It’s a fast-moving, short-lived history for the provider, which has followed anything but an indeterminate strategy to build a broader procurement suite. First, Selectica acquired Iasta last spring and earlier this year brought b-pack under its wing — moves that have led to the rebranding and launch of Determine. Determine clients have the option of using one of the provider’s single solutions or adopting the entire platform of services, the company’s announcement said.

Patrick Stakenas, president and CEO at Determine, said in a press release the new platform will also be supported by business analytics, allowing users to “manage their close-looped processes with new vision, insight and control and make calculated decisions that drive critical business results."

Jeffrey Grosman, COO at Determine, added, "Determine means 'delivering conclusions through analysis.’ Determine's solutions empower our customers with a new level of visibility and execution into their previously unseen proprietary data, enabling them to turn their newfound insights into actionable intelligence. These insights enable our customers to make decisions which will deliver bottom-line business value; mitigate risks; control costs; and drive new revenue.”

Back when Selectica acquired b-pack, Spend Matters was interested to see how Selectica would integrate b-pack tools into its existing offerings to maximize value for customers. We were even more curious when Selectica acquired Iasta last year and how the two providers would integrate their solutions, as at the time, we saw very little overlap between them.

The Spend Matters research and analyst team is at work on both PRO and Plus analyses for our readers to explore the current state of the combined organization from company/product/solution/platform perspectives. In the meantime, the team’s initial view is that:

  • Branding aside, Determine appears to be making rapid progress toward an integrated suite and platform model leveraging b-pack’s IP and solution leadership — but that prospective customers should still evaluate the individual components of the solution on their own merit today
  • It is important for Determine to look at itself as more than a provider with CLM at the core with various modules “added-on” from acquisitions. The branding exercise was not just a marketing effort — it was essential for the organization to be seen in a new light. But ...
  • Contract management remains a critical strength of the provider and should not be discounted as a key differentiator today and a crucial component of the integrated suite and platform going forward
  • Analytics is rarely a differentiator for suites today in selection processes today, yet it could be some temporary glue to hold the brand together as the rest of the assets rapidly mesh (and we do mean rapidly)
  • The market is not sitting still. Determine will no doubt face suite (and best-of-breed) component threats from existing incumbents and new market entrants as well. Still, we applaud the rapid progress the integrated provider is making.


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