Ridesharing Services Gaining Ground Among Business Travelers


Uber and Lyft ridesharing services are now more popular than taxis and even slowly surpassing car rentals among business travelers, according to the new Q3 SpendSmart report by Certify.

Uber accounted for 31% of all ground transportation transactions among business travelers, the report stated. Traditional taxi services accounted for 22%. While car rentals are overall the most popular expensed ground transportation for business travelers, accounting for 44%, Certify reported ridesharing services surpassed car rentals in Boston for the first time. Ridesharing accounted for 45% of ground transportation in the city, while car rentals accounted for just 23%. The only other city where ridesharing services like Uber are more popular than car rentals among business travelers is San Francisco.

The survey by Certify, a cloud-based travel and expense management software provider, does not specify if these business travelers are using Uber for Business applications. The Uber business offering was released in July 2014, giving procurement professionals and other corporate travel managers tools like selecting the type of transportation option (SUV, UberX, etc.), keeping a corporate or p-card on file to pay for rides and other services. Spend Matters also offered its wish list of services Uber for Business could add to entice business travelers to use the application.

Earlier this year, an Uber spokesperson told Spend Matters Uber for Business has a dedicated team working on the app’s development. As new services are added, more business travelers are likely to hop in an Uber on trips before taking a taxi.

To respond to business and personal use demands, Uber announced this summer it expects to hire 1 million new drivers in the next 6 months. The ridesharing company also has started to roll out a fleet of cars equipped with cameras, aimed at improving its mapping abilities. Not unlike Google Street View cars, the Uber camera cars can help the company make better estimates on arrival times and improve driver routes.

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