Catch Me at the SIG Summit This Week

I’m headed to Sourcing Industry Group's (SIG) Global Executive Summit this week for two days, arriving tomorrow afternoon and staying through Thursday afternoon. Dawn Tiura, CEO and president of SIG, roped me into doing a lunchtime panel (on risk management) and one of the breakout sessions on services procurement (she’s a hard person to say "no" to!). SIG is an example of practicing what you preach – its conferences are booked years in advance at Omni resorts. (One wonders the sourcing brains that were negotiating with Omni corporate on this one – I would not have wanted to have been on the sales side).

I’ve always enjoyed the informal and approachable side of SIG conferences, as well as the limited sales malarkey that so greatly mars other certain events that have traditionally focused on indirect procurement. SIG likes to position the networking side of its conferences, and I do find myself in conversations with new people often. There’s little pomp and circumstance to the events, but they’re just fun places to be to have conversation and catch up on content and lectures.

The topics of risk management and services procurement (my two panel/presentation areas) tend to be quite different. However, ironically, there’s been some convergence of monitoring and even continuity planning and supply strategy between the two in the areas of outsourcing and contingent labor. Still, of the two topics, the level of innovation in the risk management area now stands apart, and leaders are truly doing some remarkable things around risk visibility, planning and mitigation, which I’ll plan to share on stage if I get enough air time with a number of esteemed colleagues who will be joining me.

And as for the services procurement presentation, it’s a boil the ocean perspective on the state of the market from an adoption, best practices and planning perspective. There’s lots of meaty stuff in it. But I’ll try to make it a bit fun at the same time, and hopefully interactive.

Drop a line if you’ll be at the event!

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