ZeroChaos Reaffirms its ‘Beyond MSP’ Standing with Global Talent Cloud


ZeroChaos, a leading innovator in the contingent workforce services and solution space, has launched a new technology-based talent sourcing solution called Global Talent Cloud. It should be noted that this solution is different from what other businesses have referred to as “talent clouds” or “talent pools.” Rather than being an online parking lot for contingent workers, Global Talent Cloud is a highly innovative, cloud-based technology solution that uses learning algorithms to create predictive models that identify best-fit candidates for clients.

We had a chance to talk with some of members of the Zero Chaos team, including Adrian Muhammad, vice-president, corporate initiatives group, in order to go deep into what Global Talent Cloud actually is, what it does and how it works. This article summarizes some of what we learned, and we will provide more detailed, in-depth coverage in a subsequent Plus brief.

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The Global Talent Cloud Rocks

ZeroChaos is known to be an innovator — some would say a disruptor — in the staffing, managed service provider (MSP) and vendor management system (VMS) space. One of the key differentiators from most MSPs is the company’s contingent workforce sourcing solutions, specifically recruitment process outsourcing, private-branded sourcing and crowdsourcing. So it probably should not be surprising that ZeroChaos is extending and strengthening this customer value vector.

Global Talent Cloud is best viewed as a leading edge, technology-based global sourcing solution. At the core of Global Talent Cloud is a sophisticated analytics engine ZeroChaos is calling ZC Insight.

ZC Insight uses learning algorithms to build associations between selected attributes of positions clients are trying to fill and selected attributes of candidates. It is unlike current matching approaches, where, on the one hand, the “req is the req” as originally created and, on the other hand, the candidate attributes are part of a relatively static profile. ZC Insight analyzes extensive longitudinal data about prior matches of the same type and identifies sets of requested job and candidate attributes that have the strongest association in terms of predictive of goodness of fit and positive hiring outcome. Over time, with more and more cases of specific matches and hires, the ZC Insight learning algorithms improve the predictiveness of requested job and candidate attributes and the association between them.  

One could say ZC Insight creates predictive models to identify the highest probability matches that will result in successful outcomes. Moreover, these predictive models end up being specific to individual hiring clients as well as the types of positions they are hiring for. On the basis of these predictive models, a client’s req submitted into Global Talent Cloud will return and present the candidates that are most-highly rated in terms of predicted fit and hiring success. According to ZeroChaos, the success rate of candidates presented and selected by clients is about 65%, noting that clients may or may not be selecting the highest rated candidate.

There are other aspects of Global Talent Cloud worth mentioning. These include how the above processes effectively build what one might call “virtual sourcing networks” that connect to potential candidates and to the staffing suppliers that choose to participate as members of the Global Talent Cloud ecosystem. In addition, there are also highly valuable feedback loops to not only hiring clients but also to candidates and suppliers as well, information that yield insights into performance and how it might be improved or whether potential for success might be improved by refocusing to other opportunities. We can also speculate about how the processes inside of the Global Talent Cloud might lead to new taxonomies of work and capabilities. But for now, we’ll leave these topics for our more detailed, deeper-dive research briefs.

To Be Continued

With Global Talent Cloud, ZeroChaos is continuing to demonstrate its customer-focused innovation leadership and uniqueness in the contingent workforce services and solution space.  Global Talent Cloud is not a limited extension of a VMS, rather an entirely new, advanced technology platform that extends the company’s existing contingent workforce sourcing solutions, further advancing ZeroChaos as a “beyond MSP” solution provider that is always working to create additional value for its customers. In fact, we had a preview of another solution to be released in November, and it’s clear ZeroChaos is not stopping here.

Be sure to look for our more extensive and excavational Plus research briefs on these significant ZeroChaos developments.

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