A Busy October In the Independent Workforce Solutions Space (Part 2)

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In the last month, the independent workforce solutions space has released several new solutions and announced partnerships that are presenting innovative ways to engage and manage freelance and independent workers. In case you missed any of the announcements coming from independent workforce solution providers lately, here is Part 2 of our roundup of all the latest news.


ZeroChaos Launches Global Talent Cloud

ZeroChaos, a leading innovator in the contingent workforce services and solution space, has launched a new technology-based talent sourcing and engagement solution called Global Talent Cloud. This solution is different from what other businesses have referred to as “talent clouds” or “talent pools.” Rather than being a cloud-based parking lot for contingent workers, Global Talent Cloud is a highly innovative, cloud-based technology solution that uses learning algorithms to create predictive models that identify best-fit candidates for clients.  

Spend Matters analyst Andrew Karpie thought that was another innovative move for ZeroChaos:  

“With Global Talent Cloud, ZeroChaos is continuing to demonstrate its customer-focused innovation leadership and uniqueness in the contingent workforce services and solution space.  Global Talent Cloud is not a limited extension of a VMS, rather an entirely new, advanced technology platform that extends the company’s existing contingent workforce sourcing solutions, further advancing ZeroChaos as a ‘beyond MSP’ solution provider that is always working to create additional value for its customers.”  

Read more of Andrew’s analysis here: ZeroChaos Reaffirms its ‘Beyond MSP’ Standing with Global Talent Cloud

Crew Connection Launches CrewCloud

Crew Connection, a specialized staffing business that supplies freelance video crews, recently announced CrewCloud, its online platform for sourcing global crews. Crew Connection has a list of impressive clients, including Accenture, Adobe, AT&T and American Express. The provider realized its customers wanted a more direct, online option to sourcing freelance video talent. It’s response was CrewCloud. As Andrew Karpie wrote in his Spend Matters article on the news:

“Not only does CrewCloud enable businesses and production teams match-up, the platform also allows them to execute contracting arrangements, including payments. If clients need additional support, Crew Connection personnel can be accessed as client support.”

Why is this significant? According to Andrew:

“Contingent workforce managers should take account of this in their future sourcing strategies: state-of-the-art, digital work arrangement intermediaries can arise as hybridized models within your existing supplier base — so it is important to keep an eye out for these innovators, which may deliver advantages over avant-garde players.”

Read more about it here: From Crew Connection to CrewCloud — A Staffing Business’ Remarkable Digital Transformation

LinkedIn Releases ProFinder Pilot

LinkedIn, the online professional network and recruiting platform, quietly launched a pilot of a new offering that connects businesses and local freelancers. The new offering, called ProFinder, represents LinkedIn’s first foray into the contingent workforce space — something many in the staffing industry have discussed, for some time, as a possibility.

On the potential implications, Andrew states:

“If LinkedIn continues to roll in this direction, this is a development that could make big waves in the online freelancer platform space and could significantly alter the growing freelancer/independent workforce market ... LinkedIn has both financial resources and extraordinary intangible assets (its professional network, its relationships with enterprises, its connections into the human capital and recruiting area) that would make it a formidable player.”

Read more about it here: LinkedIn Releases ProFinder Pilot, Quietly Enters Freelance/Independent Workforce Market

Field Nation Introduces Complete

Field Nation, a platform that enables businesses to engage and orchestrate various types of technical field services workers, has launched Field Nation Complete. Complete allows businesses to now seamlessly manage not just directly engaged independent contractors, but also employee workers and the field services workers of third-party service delivery providers, giving businesses and service delivery providers the capability to plan and manage an entire field workforce comprehensively.

Andrew had this perspective on what this means for Field Nation:

“Complete, along with other prior platform extensions, demonstrates Field Nation’s laser-sharp focus and commitment to serving the field services space and the many sub-segments of it. Competitors in the space seem to be moving toward more horizontal strategies, potentially setting up conditions for Field Nation to become the dominant platform player in the field services workforce management space.”

Read more about it here: Field Nation Introduces a ‘Complete,’ Comprehensive Field Workforce Management Solution

Intuit Partnership with Stride Health

Intuit and Stride Health announced a partnership that will give self-employed workers, like freelancers, gig and independent workers, a new way of accessing health insurance and financially managing healthcare costs. Access to health insurance has been a pain point and often a large obstacle for self-employed workers who do not enjoy the benefits of employer-sponsored health insurance.  

Andrew sees this and other related developments as critical to the growth of the independent workforce:

“[T]he partnership can be viewed as another development in the independent-worker-facing solution ecosystem, where Intuit appears to be assuming a leading role. This is important because such a worker-support-services ecosystem is essential for the continuing growth of the independent workforce, and it is an indicator of what may be unanticipated acceleration.”

Read more about it here: Intuit Partners with Stride Health to Ease Self-Employed Workers’ Healthcare Challenges


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