Amazon Bookstore Opens in Seattle, First Ever Physical Store for E-Retailer

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Two-day free delivery not fast enough? How about same-day free delivery? Still don’t want to wait that long for Amazon to deliver your book? Well, if you live in the Seattle area, you can now walk into Amazon’s new physical bookstore, which is stocked with about 6,000 titles.

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Amazon announced its Amazon Books store earlier this week. Located at University Village, an outdoor mall in Seattle, the store officially opened its doors on Tuesday. It offers all the benefits of shopping on Amazon’s website — the store’s inventory of books are selected based on customer ratings and popularity and feature a review card with customer reviews.

We’ve applied 20 years of online bookselling experience to build a store that integrates the benefits of offline and online book shopping,” Amazon’s press release stated.

The Amazon customer reviews are a major driver of sales, apparently. One book buyer told NBC News that the reviews are “one of the reasons I buy off Amazon.”

The prices at the Amazon physical book store are also the same as they are online.

It’s interesting Amazon decided to open up a bookstore, when a number of major bookstore chains have been closing their doors and going out of business. There used to be a big a Barnes & Noble store in the same outdoor mall where Amazon Books is now located. Barnes & Noble has also been closing about 20 stores a year across the U.S. Borders, another former bookstore chain, went out of business in 2011. A large chunk (30%) of books sold in the U.S. are actually bought on

Yet as Fortune Magazine stated, physical book buying is on the upswing. Demand for Kindles or other e-book readers has fallen, and consumers are interested in reading from an actual book. Still, if consumers are interested in e-readers, they can test out Amazon technology like the Kindle or Fire tablet in the actual Seattle store.

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