The Approaching Shakeup in Contingent Workforce Management: ZeroChaos as a Case Study [Plus+]

ZeroChaos, a leading innovator in the contingent workforce services/solution space, has launched a new technology-based talent sourcing/engagement solution called Global Talent Cloud. We recently reviewed the Private Talent Cloud solution at a high-level, noting that the introduction of leading-edge sourcing technology and processes further differentiates ZeroChaos from the pack of conventional MSPs and VMSs. Now, in this brief, as we take a deeper and broader look at this new solution, we discover that there is much more than meets the eye. The relevance here for services/contingent workforce procurement goes beyond just the ZeroChaos solution. It is another data point that shows that the contingent workforce supply chain — and how workers are sourced and engaged — is changing, perhaps at an accelerating rate.

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