Afternoon Coffee: Apple May Launch New Peer-to-Peer Payment Service, EU Extends Investigation into Staples’ Proposed Office Depot Takeover

Apple is reportedly in talks with banks to launch a new person-to-person payment service. The service would allow smartphone users to send money to other people. It would compete with other peer-to-peer payments applications like PayPal’s Venmo.

Antitrust regulators with the European Union said they would take until March 2 now to investigate Staples’ $6.3 billion bid to acquire Office Depot. The EU’s previous deadline was Feb. 10

A new report from Overseas Development Institute, a U.K. think tank, shows what countries spend on subsidizing the fossil fuel industry. China, tops the list, spending $96,510 million in 2013-14 on fossil fuel subsidies.

Two environmental groups also released a report this week on railroad bridge safety, a topic of concern due to the derailments of crude oil tankers in recent years. The groups,  Waterkeeper Alliance and ForestEthics, are worried about bridge safety and upkeep and think there are too many loopholes in federal rail bridge safety standards.

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