New MHI Campaign Brings Awareness to Supply Chain Careers


Supply chain industry trade association MHI launched a new campaign this week aimed at sparking interest among young professionals to enter the supply chain field.

Called #iWorkinTheSupplyChain, the campaign, which officially launched Monday, hopes to debunk the negative stereotypes surrounding manufacturing and supply chain careers, which are not seen as appealing to younger professionals, according to Morgan Cruz, marketing content coordinator at MHI, said.

“Not a lot of people know what the supply chain is or the many jobs available in the industry,” Morgan said. “We want to bring awareness to the types of jobs and the types of people who work in it.”

The supply chain industry offers many opportunities beyond working in “dark, dingy factories,” as MHI pointed out. The #iWorkinTheSupplyChain campaign could help tackle the growing talent shortage by shedding a brighter light on the industry, Morgan said.

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Sharing Personal Stories

The campaign’s website features stories from supply chain professionals who have shared how they got into the field and what it is they like about the industry. Take Susie Conley, who first thought the supply chain only entailed working with “boring computer network models” and solely about “trucks and dusty warehouses full of products.” Yet as she explains in her story on the campaign’s blog, she eventually pursued a masters degree in supply chain and learned how exciting the field actually is while working in logistics at Caterpillar. From using data analytics to transform the company dealer networks to working alongside passionate supply chain professionals, Conley said she is now proud to say she works in the industry.

Anyone who is working in the supply chain industry or is connected to it in some way can share their story with the campaign. Morgan said she reviews all entries before posting them the campaign website. Participants can also send a video message, which will be posted to the #iWorkinTheSupplyChain website.

This new MHI campaign joins others like the and the Institute for Supply Management30 Under 30” Rising Supply Chain Stars Recognition Program, now in its second year. Like MHI, the 30 Under 30 program highlights interesting and rewarding jobs young professionals have in the supply chain industry and aims to tackle the growing lack of talented workers in the field.

The Future Face of the Supply Chain

Participants in the MHI awareness campaign are also entered to win the “2016 MHI Face of the Supply Chain,” an award that will be granted to one industry professional next year. The winner will have a personal story that “demonstrates the hard work, creative-thinking and a commitment to innovation it takes to succeed in this industry,” MHI said in a press release. The winner of the Face of the Supply Chain will be announced at MODEX 2016, a supply chain trade show taking place April 4-7, 2016.

Those interested in sharing their story, or that of someone else, to the #iWorkinTheSupplyChain campaign have until Feb. 15, 2016, to do so.

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