Afternoon Coffee: 3 U.S. Cities Named Up-and-Coming Global Logistics Hubs, Welsh Government’s Use of P-Cards Under Fire

Afternoon Coffee

Philadelphia, Miami and Seattle were named among 20 global metropolises primed to become “major players in the network for global trade,” according to a report by real-estate brokerage CBRE Inc. The three cities all have the right mix of population density, port and transportation infrastructure and connections to growing economic sectors to join the ranks of Berlin, Amsterdam, Busan, South Korea, and Suzhou, China, cities also highlighted in the report.

Welsh conservatives have called on the Wales Audit Office to review the use of p-cards by government employees, which critics said are being used without proper transparency or accountability. The backlash comes after the Welsh government refused to publish the results of an internal review of the 218 cards in circulation; employees spent £3.8 million on the cards in the last three years.

Mexico’s economy grew at the fastest pace in two years in the most recent quarter, up 0.8% from July to September compared to the prior three months and beating analyst expectations. Greater industrial output, improving domestic demand and rising retail demand fueled the growth.

And, can you see these words? You’re probably not in Bangladesh. The country’s Telecommunication Regulatory Commission accidentally cut off Internet access across the whole country, in an outage that lasted at least 75 minutes. Businesses complained they were unable to fulfill orders during the blackout and that the just over hour-long delay would have significant long-term effects.

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