SciQuest Focuses on Full Procurement Process, Enabling Complexity with Latest Release


SciQuest released its latest version of its spend automation suite today, something we have been anticipating here at Spend Matters for some time. The provider said the latest release offers new mobile capabilities, including a SciQuest Mobile App, and usability features that give procurement organizations extra insight into overall spend and supplier management.

We haven’t had a chance to see the new suite capabilities in action; our analysts will be looking at it in the coming weeks. According to the provider’s press release, here are some of the additions it has made:

  • SciQuest Mobile App, which lets users use SciQuest tools on their mobile phones. It also gives users the option to set up notification alerts.
  • Enhancements to SciQuest’s Total Contract Manager giving users “full authoring capabilities” in Microsoft Word to update contracts using a set of pre-approved clauses or templates.
  • Spend Radar integration for complete source-to-settle abilities
  • Supplier 360°, a new tool for better supply management visibility
  • A new Supplier Performance Management module also for better supplier relationship management
  • A new user interface aligning SciQuest’s Enterprise Regent Manager with other tools on the platform

Eric Zoetmulder, vice president of product management at SciQuest, said as procurement organizations face rising pressure to provide value to the business, having a single platform where they can manage the entire procurement process and also analyze the data from it to be able to learn and grow is key.

Jason Busch, Spend Matters founder and head of strategy, notes that “there are clear advantages and use cases for integrating advanced sourcing, supplier management and contract management with purchase-to-pay capability in a single suite. We have tracked SciQuest’s releases throughout the year, and 15.2 and 15.3 are both important as they represent (finally) the rebuilding of core capabilities from SciQuest’s best of breed acquisitions, including Upside and AECSoft, on a common platform that historically has centered on purchase to pay.”

“SciQuest is in a somewhat unique position,” Jason observes. “Along with perhaps Ivalua and Ariba, there are few other vendors that can lay claim to an integrated suite that can embrace complex scenarios with modular depth in the traditional upstream areas. It will indeed be fascinating to watch if SciQuest is able to get in more deal cycles as a result of this release and these developments. They certainly deserve a look from procurement organizations that might not have previously considered them in this capacity.”

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  1. Jason Busch:

    Thanks Bill. To answer your question, because we know the products inside and out (and have seen 15.2) and know what was being built into 15.3 based on the previous AEC and Upside products. I am happy to take this offline with you, but we’re confident in this analysis, and have countless hours this year into evaluating SciQuest’s solutions at the product level digging into demonstrations and detailed capabilities/release elements. I think our broader team is deeper at the feature/function/modular level in SciQuest than anyone on the outside of the firm except a power user/admin client who is up to speed on the latest and lives the product/suite. We also have someone on our team who worked for AEC and knows what was in that solution (set) and has been built into the 2015 releases inside and out. Fair to ask, but trust me on this one.

    And finally, to answer your second question, no, it’s not “advertising” — it’s mentioning a product release we think needs to be covered before a deeper dive for our subscriber’s only on PRO. As we’ve grown, we’ve expanded our editorial team to cover news on a daily basis and to interview our research team for their thoughts.

  2. Bill Kohnen:

    Why would Spend Matters post something like this when as it says in the article you have not even evaluated it yet. Seems like you should label this a press release or advertising on their behalf.

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