‘A WIP a Week’ — Our New Series for Contingent Workforce and Services Procurement Professionals

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Work Intermediation Platforms (WIPs) are configurations of digital technologies that enable those in need of labor services and those providing labor services to directly engage in work arrangements, typically from sourcing to payment. Effectively, work is arranged — and often to some extent organized and enabled — across a digital platform. Examples of WIPs include many different kinds of platforms, such as Upwork, HourlyNerd, Work Market, MBO Connect, 99designs, Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and others. There are more than 300 WIPs in the world today, with the number of platforms and volumes of spend increasing.

From a contingent workforce and services procurement perspective, WIPs represent new sources and ways of engaging contingent talent and services. To raise awareness and help to educate our contingent workforce and services procurement audience on this topic, we will be starting a series we are dubbing “A WIP a Week.” Every week, we will select and briefly profile a different WIP on our site. In addition, from time to time, we may also do deeper-dives, for our Plus and PRO subscribers.

We have been analyzing and writing about WIPs over the past year. So in case you’ve missed those content pieces, we are providing links to them below. We start with our infographic and, and after that, our initial four-part research series on the subject. That is followed by many links to WIP pieces that we have published over the past year.

While standing by for the start of our “A WIP a Week” series this month, we invite you to explore the content below. Note that links to several pieces marked as Plus or PRO will lead public audience to useful summaries, but not to the full content, reserved for our paid members.

“A WIP a Week” is just what the doctor ordered.


The New Era of Work Intermediation Platforms

Initial 4-Part Research Series

Other Selected Content

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