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VMSA Live, a semi-annual executive conference for members of the contingent workforce community, will be held Feb. 8-11 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Spend Matters is honored once again to be the procurement analyst and media firm covering the conference. If you are an enterprise contingent workforce or services procurement professional, read on to hear why you will find it compelling to attend.

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Putting it in Context

Enterprise contingent workforce and services procurement managers tend to take a “reductionist” view of their contingent workforce supply chains:

  • What are the components or building blocks of that supply chain — vendor management systems (VMS), managed service providers (MSP), a range of suppliers and other auxiliary service providers
  • How to select and arrange them into an efficient supply chain system through which cost and risk can be reduced
  • How to maintain stability in that supply chain and pursue on-going optimization, while expanding internal enterprise program adoption buy in.

However, many procurement managers are beginning to understand that this kind of rationalization approach, while effective for some period of time, eventually begins to produce diminishing positive returns when supply base margins are reduced to unsustainable levels. Moreover, while such tried and true approaches have been successful in controlling costs and risk, from an internal business user perspective different standards are applied and frequently not met: quality of talent, cycle time velocity and increasingly sufficient access to talent.

The bottom line: new insights into and innovative approaches to the contingent workforce and services supply chain are needed.

VMSA Live Makes it Happen

Discovery of new insights and innovative approaches usually do not happen when an existing frame of reference does not change, when practitioners cannot get themselves outside of their boxes or bubbles to find and adopt a different perspective.

The VMSA Live conference has been designed to — and has been successful at — doing just that. As a conference, VMSA live is unique in bringing together all of the constituents of the contingent workforce industry — buyers, VMSs, MSPs, suppliers, other service providers — to learn from each other and from industry-leading practitioners/companies. VMSA Live provides a structure and process for this to happen and ensure that attendees will leave with key insights and learning, no matter what constituency the attendees are from.

In fact, VMSA Live is founded on the premise that the industry consists less of supply chains than it does ecosystems where equilibriums and optimal outcomes are based on balanced interdependencies and interactions. Innovative changes and solutions are reached in this context, and VMSA Live strives to mirror this kind of environment.

For enterprise contingent workforce and services procurement managers, VMSA Live provides a way to get out of the box or the bubble and begin to understand how the ecosystem works and how it can offer possibilities for new ways of thinking and action that can benefit your organization. For this reason, an increasing number of your peers are attending VMSA Live, including colleagues from companies like MetLife, Shell and Caterpillar, among others.

VMSA Live offers contingent workforce and services procurement managers an opportunity to step outside of their bubbles for a few days and enter an environment where new learning occurs, new ideas are shared and new perspectives and actions are shaped. Attendance is not mandatory — but almost.

To learn more about VMSA Live in Fort Lauderdale and how to register, go to the event website.

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