BuyerQuest’s Application Flexibility Sets it Apart in the P2P Space [PRO]

BuyerQuest P2P

In the first installment of this PRO research series, we explored how BuyerQuest has started to emerge as a serious player in the procure-to-pay (P2P) solution space. It aims for an “Amazon-like” buying experience through a focus on usability, bespoke design and configuration and the ability to embrace complex buying scenarios. Through this approach and its capabilities, BuyerQuest is hoping to differentiate itself from what it labels as “first-generation” P2P solutions, such as Coupa, SciQuest and Ariba. (Our take is a bit more nuanced, as you might imagine.) In part two of this research brief, we begin by delving into BuyerQuest’s catalog and content capabilities — the “anti-punch out, punch out” as we call it — and another key differentiator, application deployment and customization flexibility. We also discuss some of the challenges BuyerQuest faces in the product area today compared with the competition.

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