4 Questions Every Commodity Buyer Needs To Ask: Direct Materials Procurement Strategy (Part 1) [Plus+]

direct materials procurement

When it comes to indirect and services procurement strategy, we would argue that that the “gospels according to savings,” as we might describe cost reduction strategies, are largely standard. In each of these areas, and even subcategories within them, there are specific processes and technologies that can guide the way to putting organizations deeper into the black while also reducing all sorts of organizational and third-party risk and compliance concerns. Yet the world of direct materials is different — very different. There is no one strategy or technology solution to follow. Here at Spend Matters, we’re hoping to change this with four key questions that we believe every direct materials buyer and commodity manager should ask. This two-part research brief shares these four questions and explains why they matter when it comes to setting strategy, building organizational alignment, putting in place the right short and long-term strategy and managing suppliers who buy commodities, raw materials and ingredients on your behalf.

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