BuyerQuest and Cranking the E-Procurement Dial to ’11’ [PRO]

e-procurement Dariusz Sankowski/Adobe Stock

Sometimes you need to turn the dial up to 11. This expression, which actually made it into the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, comes from the cult classic “This is Spinal Tap.” In the movie, Nigel Tufnel, a leader of the made-up band Spinal Tap gives a critic a tour of his equipment, including a now infamous Marshall guitar amplifier that has multiple dials that all go to 11 instead of just to 10. But why 11? Tufnel suggests, 11 is for when you “need that extra push over the cliff” when 10 simply won’t do. In this final Spend Matters PRO installment examining BuyerQuest, we examine what types of organizations are best suited to turn the e-procurement dial up to 11 as well as some of the features and capabilities that make 11 louder than 10.

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