Gigwalk — A Work Intermediation Platform On the Move [PRO] Photobank/Adobe Stock

Spend Matters recently had its initial briefing with Gigwalk and was able to speak with CEO David Hale. We hope to follow-up with additional deeper-dive briefings in 2016. Gigwalk, founded in San Francisco in 2010, was one of the first online work intermediation platforms (WIPs) that could enable businesses to engage different workers to perform specific business tasks. Conversely, the platform also allowed workers, vetted by Gigwalk to be “Gigwalkers,” to accept these tasks, using Gigwalk’s mobile app, and get paid for completing them. This original, fairly open “crowdsourcing” model is still operative today, but the company has continued evolving its business offerings to create additional value for a more focused set of business clients, culminating in an ”enterprise” offering.

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