Independent Workers: A New Source of Services Procurement Spend Visibility, Analysis, Savings


Are you a contingent workforce or services procurement practitioner that is beginning to think about "online freelancer marketplaces" (sometimes called "online staffing platforms") as a new source of talent — a direction that will likely be applauded by by your business users? You may also be thinking about how to justify this direction to c-level managers, who may have lots of questions about risk and cost.

Risk questions can be put to rest with compliance features and services of Upwork Enterprise. Questions about cost justification can also be addressed in a way that will seem very familiar to procurement practitioners.

A recent paper by me and Jason Busch describes how the extensive and highly granular data that flows through Upwork Enterprise provides the basis for very detailed workforce analysis and extremely powerful spend analysis. Correspondingly, they point to rate arbitrage — between  workforce engaged through Upwork and workforce provisioned by traditional staffing suppliers — as a source of significant, untapped savings.  Savings that can be generated in this way, in addition to potential savings from leveraging off-shore talent and from process efficiency improvement, become very compelling arguments in support of your business.

Download this paper to understand how the growing online workforce can support procurement and business goals of cost reduction.

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