E-Procurement Market Outlook 2016-2018: 10 Technology and ‘Mega’ Trends (Part 1) [PRO]

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One could argue that the transformation of the e-procurement market, which we define as the first “P” in “P2P,” as in purchase to pay, is complete. Marked by a shift almost entirely away from often highly customized (and rarely fully used) software deployments to greater standardization and cloud-centric (SaaS) deployment models and the increasing prevalence of suite-based approaches, the market has indeed shifted dramatically in recent years. But Spend Matters analysis, based on interviews with vendors, users and consultants, suggests that the biggest changes in the e-procurement market still lie ahead. This multi-part Spend Matters PRO brief provides an e-procurement outlook and forecast for 2016-2018. Included in this series are: 10 technology and megatrends, a market forecast and sizing analysis, market growth and adoption scenarios, and a look at the evolving competitive landscape and vendor shortlists.

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