KPMG – A 2015 Spend Matters 50/50 Provider to Know

100 companies - 100 days

KPMG is one of our 50 Providers to Know. We will be highlighting 100 companies (50 to Know, 50 to Watch) from our 2015 Spend Matters Almanac over the span of 100 days. Practitioners are encouraged to browse the categories listed in our Almanac to find the provider that best fits their needs.

Some say that a rising tide lifts all boats. But in certain cases, a large enough boat can actually influence the tide. The latter argument would better fit with KPMG, which has quietly become one of the largest global procurement and operations consulting firms in the past couple of years. The practice now counts more than 900 consultants as team members.

Curiously, KPMG has not just built a traditional consultancy-type delivery model for procurement — although it has that in spades, with practice areas focused on everything from procurement transformation to category sourcing and management to technology strategy and implementation, and much more. Rather, it’s building a new type of professional services-driven model, which is somewhat remarkable given how conservative the Big 5 have been historically.

For example, KPMG has built and acquired global centers of excellence and shared services delivery centers — not to mention made a number of bets on strategic technology partners from which it builds out practices. (See our recent coverage of the Taulia/KPMG partnership). Finally, it has also been willing to play the M&A game to expand its capabilities, acquiring both BrainNet and EquaTerra in recent years.

Arguably, within procurement, KPMG looks more like a strategy consultancy, managed services provider and hybrid solution integrator — it decides on preferred partners based on its own technology selection — more than anything else. Yet regardless of how one describes it, KPMG has rightfully owned a place on the Spend Matters 50 to Know list for 2015.

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