Is Amazon Business the Future of Procurement?

Amazon business

In two months, Amazon’s Prentis Wilson, vice president of Amazon Business, will give a keynote address at ISM and Spend Matters' first annual Global Procurement Technology Summit. We challenged Prentis to be as disruptive as possible with his thesis, and we think the topic of his chat will certainly raise some eyebrows — Amazon Business: This is the Future of Procurement.

Amazon is a procurement technology disruptor in more ways than one. Procurement organizations need to pay attention even if they’re not yet working with Amazon as an approved supplier. (We suspect many are, in fact, without even knowing it.) Granted, it’s early days for Amazon and we have our own Spend Matters quibbles, but the Amazon Business user experience today is something that every procurement organization should have an opinion on (as do we).

We don’t expect Prentis to pull any punches. Nor will we say that if you’re working with either an ERP or e-procurement provider today, a generalist (e.g., Grainger) or specialist distributor (e.g., Wesco, Motion Industries, Avnet, Fastenal, Airgas), or an office products supplier (e.g., Staples) that you need to understand how Amazon may change your technology, fulfillment/inbound supply chain and tail spend procurement strategies in the years to come — that's a given! And this statement covers just about our entire readership.

Whether you love or hate Amazon, we don’t care. But if you don’t have a point of view for your company on Amazon Business, whether you sit in procurement or elsewhere in the ecosystem, you might as well pack your bags today and head on over to another function while waiting for the procurement technology comet to hit.

The entire Spend Matters and ISM team looks forward to seeing you at the Global Procurement Technology Summit as we all smarten up on Amazon Business — and much, much more. You can review the agenda and register here. Feel free to reach out to us directly if you need a letter to justify your attendance!

We encourage everyone to see our early take on Amazon Business, below. Clients can also reach out to us for a more nuanced take on Amazon, as well as specific recommendations on how they should prepare their organizations to work with them and what they should learn from the Amazon model, along with other disruptors in the procurement technology ecosystem.

And everyone can of course pick our brains at the event. See you there.

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