IT Services Buyers and Category Managers, Behold! Crowdtesting and Testing-as-a-Service are at Hand [PRO] Photobank/Adobe Stock

Crowdtesting allows businesses to have their software under development tested by a large group of qualified, geographically dispersed testers. The crowdtesting approach is becoming more and more important — and actually necessary — as software is increasingly deployed across the web, across hundreds of computing platforms and devices, and across many possible linguistic and cultural user populations, giving rise to new testing paradigms like “testing-in-the-wild.” Correspondingly, crowdtesting tends to have a specialized focus today and can frequently be a critical, unique component of a company’s overall testing processes. In addition to providing an overview of the crowdtesting platform provider landscape such as it is today, we will also explore why this development is important for IT services buyers and category managers.

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