Spend Analytics the Key to Cost and Risk-Cutting Non-Compliance: Certified Fresh Research

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Any successful organization — or individual, for that matter — must not only analyze the amount of money it spends but also the value it gets out of spending it. Enter spend analytics. Now available for complimentary download — Smart Spend Compliance: Using Spend Analytics to Reduce the Cost and Risk of Non-Compliance by Pierre Mitchell, chief research officer at Spend Matters.

An excerpt: "In a modern enterprise, stakeholders have several terrific goals and policies (which is really just an institutionalized strategy to execute against) and related controls embedded in processes, procedures, and systems.

"Goals and processes are great, but does the cash flowing out the door actually align to them? More problematically, does anybody know where the money is going and whether it supports said goals and processes? Might that knowledge even inform and refine them?"

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