A Management Consulting and Systems Integrator Evolution — KPMG and Taulia as Archetype for a New Partnering Model [PRO]

Saklakova/Adobe Stock

Formal partnerships and partnering strategies within the management consulting, systems integrator ecosystem and technology vendor ecosystem have taken a rather curious path with many twists and turns in the past two decades. Yet the biggest shift of all appears to be taking shape as we turn our calendar to 2016. This Spend Matters PRO research brief explores the changing Big Five technology partnering model and how the recently announced KPMG and Taulia partnership is likely to serve as an archetype of things to come, representing a radically different approach to engaging clients through technology versus implementing or configuring it. This new era is one in which customers stand to gain the most value by focusing on business outcomes while, in many cases, leaving technology choices to consulting and managed services partners. It’s also an era in which technology vendors will need to make major adjustments in how they think about partnering models.

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