ICYMI: Contingent Workforce 2016 Predictions

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Last week Spend Matters published an article based on a conversation I had with analyst Andrew Karpie regarding the contingent workforce space. Andrew shared what he thought were the top trends that would continue to shape contingent workforce management in 2016. In the midst of the holiday season, it’s understandable if you missed this in-depth piece chock-full of Andrew’s expert analysis. You can read the full interview with Andrew in the article Contingent Workforce Trends for 2016: A Conversation with Andrew Karpie.

Some of the key trends identified in the piece include digital transformation, the continuation of the talent gap and the rise of consumer-centric models. Andrew also talks about how vendor management systems (VMS), freelance management systems (FMS) and other solutions continue to play a role in contingent workforce management. He discusses “work as a service,” work intermediation platforms (WIPs), independent workers and direct sourcing as well as what he calls the “independent worker solution space.”

“We have talked about direct sourcing, independent workers and the new technologies that can support that — but I think what we are starting to see is a whole new model for workforce engagement and procurement that is developing alongside traditional VMS-based model of procuring temporary talent and SOW services,” Andrew said.

Overall, the trends that emerged in contingent workforce management in 2015 are likely to continue in the new year, Andrew explained. However, what Andrew predicts will be different in 2016 is these trends becoming more visible to more practitioners. “What is taking shape will start to emerge from the mist and will be thrown into sharper relief,” Andrew said in the article.

Read the full conversation here.

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