Beyond Spend Analytics: AnyData Offers Fresh Analytical Thinking for any Dataset [PRO]

AnyData Solutions

Everybody wants a good spend analytics solution. Rightly so: without it, all sourcing activities — and many other cost reduction activities — will be based solely on gut feel. That’s not scalable, nor particularly efficient. And thanks to a number of acquisitions in recent years, there’s a dearth of independent and creative spend analytics solutions in the marketplace today. Many providers directly (and indirectly) in this market have been snapped up by larger firms and rolled into sourcing and source to pay offerings. Consider the following somewhat recent acquisitions: Spend Radar (by SciQuest), Spikes Cavell (by Xchanging), BIQ (by Opera) and CVM (by Kroll). There simply aren’t that many independent providers left, and other analytics acquisitions by firms, such as Huron and Wipro, are driving further consolidation in the market. But a few remain. AnyData Solutions is one among them, a curious, young and independent spend analytics firm that Spend Matters has looked at and conducted reference calls on. This two-part Spend Matters PRO review provides an introduction to the provider and a deep dive into a client experience where AnyData was used for spend analysis — and more.

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