Taulia Announces $46M in Series E Funding Round

Taulia announced Thursday it raised $46 million in financing, which Spend Matters sees as encouraging news for 2016.

The recent Series E financing was led by Zouk Capital. Taulia said the new investment allows the financial supply chain to “accelerate its rapid expansion,” the company’s press release stated. It also brings total funding for Taulia to more than $130 million.

“During this nervous start to 2016, it’s encouraging to see Taulia secure more capital to fund its growth,” said David Gustin, editor and co-founder of Trade Financing Matters. “Cost of capital, equity and financing have all become more acute for many reasons. The partnership with Zouk is interesting, given Zouk’s focus on investments with a sustainable impact. That needs to be explored.”

Zouk Capital CEO Samer Salty said Taulia was a clear match for its investment philosophy of backing companies with high growth potential that use technology to create efficiency. Taulia reports it continues to increase its top line annually by more than 100%.

Jason Busch, founder and head and strategy for Spend Matters, said the fact that Taulia was founded by technologists who truly understand ERP, purchase to pay (P2P) and supplier connectivity gives the provider a critical advantage in the market.

“This DNA lives on today,” Jason said. “While other providers competing in this broad sector also bring expertise and relationships across various forms of payables and receivables financing, we should not discount the importance of underlying systems and buyer/supplier integration to enable the sustainable and lowest risk financing of trade activities. This is where Taulia excels and with significant additional capital to fuel growth and investment from the latest round, the firm will be able to tell an increasingly compelling story that not only appeals to procurement, accounts payable, treasury and CFOs but IT organizations as well.”

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