Millennials, Mobile and Cloud Security: Determine Shares its Predictions for 2016

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As we kick off a new year, Spend Matters reached out to procurement technology providers to find out what their focus will be for 2016. Based on user feedback in 2015 and market trends, we asked Determine what the top procurement challenge or trend would be this year. I spoke with Constantine Limberakis, director of product marketing for Determine (formerly Selectica), who said responsive platform design and cloud security would be two key areas of focus for the provider in 2016.

Millennials Demand Mobility

One area that is gaining a lot of attention, according to Constantine, is the discussion around millennials and the demand for mobile and social features in a procurement technology platform. Constantine said Determine is discovering that if one if its solutions lacks a level of mobility, it becomes an immediate “no-go” for those millennials wanting to be able to access a solution on a smartphone or tablet as well as a desktop computer. The look and feel of the platform has to be appealing, he said.

This feedback is driving Determine’s development this year as well as its use of big data, tagging, Google and Amazon-like capabilities within the platform. Constantine said Determine is specifically looking at the Google responsive design, so when a user logs in to a solution, it has the same look and feel on a smartphone as it does on a tablet or computer. Millennials are increasingly demanding something that isn’t dated, looks good and is easy to use and understand, Constantine said.

Cloud Protection

No longer are procurement organizations asking providers, “Are you in the cloud?” Instead, they’re asking, “What are you doing to make sure your cloud solution is secure?” Constantine said. Providers now have to focus on data integrity, giving users peace of mind their data is safe on a cloud platform. Data breaches in recent years have made this a top concern for companies. As a result, technology providers need to amp up the integrity of their platforms, he said.

Collaboration Between Procurement and Finance

This is a conversation that is continuing in the space — how do procurement and finance work better together? Constantine expects this question to keep popping up in 2016. How do these two separate organizations collaborate more, and is there one way to answer it from a solution standpoint? How do these organization maintain visibility and share data? Is it over one solution? Multiple? Collaboration between analytics will become a core theme this year, Constantine said.

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