Millennials Show Interest in Conflict-Free Products, Want to Know More About Issue

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A recent survey by Intel shows millennials care about buying products that are conflict free, but also demand greater awareness about what conflict minerals are and how they make their way into supply chains.

The survey of 500 U.S. millennials by Intel and research and consulting firm Penn Schoen Berland showed only 35% of millennials surveyed had heard about conflict minerals before but 53% personally want to know more about them. About 38% said they are not sure if they own products that contain conflict minerals and point to clearer product labels as a means of distinguishing products that are conflict free versus those that contain conflict minerals.

After being educated on conflict minerals, 67% of millennials surveyed said they are now more likely to seek out conflict-free products. Forty-nine percent said buying conflict-free would make them feel better about where their money is going and 45% said buying conflict-free would help defund militants in conflict areas.

Overall, 87% of millennials surveyed believe corporate social responsibility is important. Similarly, 81% said consumers, too, have a responsibility to ensure the products they are buying are not produced in a way that negatively impacts the environment or society. Nearly 70% also said they avoid buying products that do have a negative impact on society.

Intel Sets Conflict Free Goals

Specifically regarding technology products, 69% of millennials surveyed said the conflict free issue influences what companies they decide to buy from. And, more than 50% said technology companies have a responsibility to address the issue of conflict minerals.

Intel itself plans to rid its supply chain of conflict minerals this year. The company recently announced it aims to have all its products, including processors and modems, be free of conflict minerals. In the second quarter of 2016, Intel also said it would use a specific symbol on its products showing they are conflict free. The company is already manufacturing and shipping conflict-free microprocessors.

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