Supply Chain CSR: Niche or More? EcoVadis Adds 68 Customers in 2015

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Sustainable supply management solutions company EcoVadis announced it experienced another solid year of growth in 2015, adding new customers and expanding its internal team. The company said 68 new customers joined the EcoVadis network in 2015. More than 25 global corporations began using the EcoVadis Sustainable Procurement platform, including DuPont and Subway, which contributed to EcoVadis’ two-year growth rate of 128%.

Additional 2015 results announced Tuesday included an 80% growth in the number of suppliers renewing subscription to the EcoVadis network of more than 25,000 suppliers. EcoVadis said 70% of suppliers have improved their sustainability scores as well.

"Operating a sustainable and socially-responsible supply chain is critical for driving revenue, maintaining brand reputation and improving procurement performance," Co-founder and CEO of EcoVadis Pierre Francois Thaler said in a press release. "As pressure increases to operate in a more sustainable and transparent manner, more organizations are turning to EcoVadis to evaluate their suppliers' performance and implement improvement programs."

EcoVadis also now has 250 full-time employees across its five global offices, a 118% increase in its internal workforce from 2013.

Spend Matters Founder and Head of Strategy Jason Busch was also quoted in EcoVadis’ press release on the 2015 results pointing to the growing importance of corporate social responsibility as reason for the procurement solution provider’s impressive growth in the last year.

"With many organizations compelled to implement sustainable business practices in light of the international agreements made at COP21 and the onset of increasing sets of supply chain due diligence regulations, gaining deeper insight into supplier sustainability practices and performance will become standard business practice for larger procurement organizations in 2016,” Jason said.

As we previously noted in our coverage of EcoVadis, the CSR data and solutions provider “takes a more holistic approach than most and covers a broad range [of capabilities] ... from assessments, with a stringent certification process (where suppliers can attain different levels of conformance, not just pass/fail), combined with professional services and consultative business insights. The results are also provided as benchmarks to clients to help them assess where they stand. Regarding the suppliers, they are scored in a highly granular fashion, making this more of a continuous improvement journey rather than a quick paperwork one-and-done, which suits the nature of a sustainable operation.”

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