Efficio Acquires Web Development Company Dedoko


U.K.-based procurement and consulting service provider Efficio has acquired Dedoko, a web application development company that had previously contributed to the development of Efficio’s procurement technology suite.

Efficio said Dedoko developers have been working to create custom procurement modules for Efficio’s eFlow platform. Dedoko developers, centered on the development of Efficio’s cloud-based applications, will be transferring to the Efficio team following the acquisition and will continue developing the eFlow platform.

Efficio Vice President and Head of Technology James Jenkinson said the Dedoko team is a good fit for Efficio as it works to advance its technology solutions.

“This acquisition comes at an important time for Efficio, as we look to expand our technology offering to all of our clients,” Jenkinson said in a statement. ‘We have worked with the Dedoko team for the past three years and have been consistently impressed by the drive and enthusiasm of the team as well as the quality of their work.”

Spend Matters Take

Jason Busch, founder and head of strategy for Spend Matters, said professional services firms a decade ago often tried but came up short when investing in procurement software offerings.

“FreeMarkets, eBreviate/A.T. Kearney and others showed the folly of the smartest minds in the room attempting to commercialize their IP in pure-play software against those who developed code as their core business,” Jason said.

However, Jason added, the landscape has changed dramatically in recent years, and a number of providers are developing competitive analytics, source-to-pay (S2P) suites and other cloud-based software, often with material differentiators based on the consulting expertise of the team guiding the requirements definitions. Spend Matters plans to explore the numerous reasons for this shift in upcoming coverage. Jason said Spend Matters will also be paying attention to Efficio as it develops further in the space.

“Most important, we look forward to digging into Efficio’s emerging set of capabilities in this area and would handicap its chance of success at building a viable, software-centric solutions business as significant, especially considering the acquisition of the core development team,” he said.

Background on Efficio

Efficio was founded in 2000 and has around 200 employees, which our sister site Spend Matters U.K. pointed out made it among the largest pure-play procurement consulting and services providers in Europe that is still independent. It often works with organizations on category and cost reduction strategies. Jenkinson told Spend Matters U.K. last year about half of its services are focused on working with clients involved in large construction or capital investment programs.

Efficio also has an office in New York City.

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