Shiftgig: The WIP for Shift Work

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Hourly, part-time workers comprise a significant percentage of the U.S. workforce. When seasonal demand requires businesses to augment their workforce, as retailers do by hiring extra hands on Black Friday, shifts need to be filled with an appropriately skilled worker in compliance with federal employment standards and, most importantly, quickly.

That’s where our WIP of the Week, Shiftgig, comes in.

What Shiftgig Does

Chicago-based Shiftgig uses a mobile platform to connect people with available shift work. Hiring managers submit job requirements, and workers select shifts as work becomes available — and when it fits their schedule. The jobs available are relatively low wage, concentrated in industries like retail, hospitality, call centers and warehouse and logistics.

Shiftgig typically supports staff augmentation scenarios, much like staffing agencies do. However, as a platform business, Shiftgig can do many different things (like on-demand) that traditional staffing firms cannot.

Key Market Segments

At the moment, Shiftgig’s key market segments are food services and events. Engagements can range from filling a single shift for one bartender at a single restaurant to filling shifts for a number of “promo models” at trade shows to regularly filling the need for 100 food-related workers to work games at a Major League Baseball stadium.

The company is starting to branch out more into hospitality, retail and administrative work, as well. While it started out serving small businesses, Shiftgig is now expanding to serve larger businesses, such as restaurant chains, and has even begun discussions with businesses at a corporate level, as well as VMS and MSP providers.

The Takeaway

Here’s the takeaway for contingent workforce and services procurement professionals: Shiftgig, like the other WIPs we’ve covered in this series, represents a new frontier for procurement practitioners that offers new benefits as a supplier of work. In particular, Shiftgig serves both an enterprise need to respond to spikes in labor demand and a desire by workers to pick part-time gigs as they please or to supplement their primary income. By taking the high ground and handling workers as W2 employees as employer of record, Shiftgig is demonstrating one of the forms a staffing supplier will take in a digital platform world.

For more on Shiftgig, Spend Matters PRO subscribers can read more in our corresponding Spend Matters PRO research brief.

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