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LeanLinking: Vendor Analysis

03/04/2016 By

Image by lenetsnikolai sourced from Adobe Stock

Spend Matters PRO recently featured a vendor review of LeanLinking, a supplier management company based in Denmark that is now expanding into broader Western markets. Our PRO member analysis provides an introduction to LeanLinking, product strengths, areas of opportunity/improvement and vendor and customer recommendations. In evaluating LeanLinking for their supplier relationship management (SRM) needs inclusive of supplier performance management (SPM), organizations should consider that:

  • LeanLinking has spent the better part of three years rapidly developing a best-of-breed SRM solution, and, in its current form, has emerged to become a solid offering for middle market companies.
  • The provider’s pricing is extremely aggressive and even for procurement organizations under extreme cost pressures, price should not pose a barrier to adoption.
  • The firm is not (yet) well known in the SRM sector, primarily because unlike its peers, LeanLinking is primarily targeting middle market companies focusing on supplier performance management (SPM) and has only recently begun marketing its presence outside of Denmark and the U.K.
  • Unlike many other vendors specializing in SPM, LeanLinking does not specialize in a specific vertical/industry sector.

LeanLinking goes beyond the basics of managing supplier relationships. As this Danish firm expands westward, we expect to be seeing more from this company, as it is poised to make quick headway into the mid-market with its new strategy of targeting the buyer who wants to be a “procurement hero” by engaging suppliers in strategic ways beyond negotiation alone. We encourage you to learn more by reading our Spend Matters PRO analysis.

Vendor Analysis