Simfoni Takes a Sponsorship — and Chirag Shah Comes Back to Spend Matters

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In the earlier years of Spend Matters, I used to write a welcome post every time a new sponsor signed up to reach the market through our site. Since that time, we’ve grown up a bit, and we’ve stopped the practice, not by edict but more when it comes to informal editorial direction and execution. But some people love the idea of a “welcome” because of the personal side of it — and the fact it truly means more than simply advertising to work with us commercially. One of them is my friend Chirag Shah, who has founded numerous ventures in the sector, including TradingPartners, MarketMaker4 and now Simfoni.

The other day, when Simfoni signed onto become an Associate Sponsor of Spend Matters — Chirag’s last venture, MarketMaker4, was also a sponsor before Xchanging purchased the firm — he hinted, “When’s the welcome post coming.” I explained it was out of character for us now to do it. But after I thought about, it occurred to me: why not, and why not make it even more personal than simply welcoming a firm? So, here goes!

With scarce marketing resources in his last company, Chirag placed his trust in Spend Matters to build the type of awareness around the brand that no other site or marketing effort could for the same investment. And now he’s doing it again. The firm he recently founded and serves as executive chairman of, Simfoni, is, our latest Sponsor.

Simfoni bills itself as “a leading provider of enterprise mobile apps for business. Delivered through simple SaaS models, its applications provide businesses with tools and insights that help organizations improve their engagement with customers and suppliers whilst reducing significant operating costs. Their mobile applications offer superior benefits due to three key attributes: timeliness, enhanced interface, and seamless integration with legacy systems.”

That description does not give much away. But Simfoni is attempting to disrupt a number of ecosystems at the same time, including not only how we will buy in the future (i.e., less and less via the desktop) but also how we can get at and better capture and manage tail spend through mobile and other clever means.

I know, I know. You’ve heard that last argument before — everyone wants to capture the tail. But Simfoni has got some unique ideas up its sleeve. And as anyone who knows Chirag and those involved with Simfoni, they’re aware at how amazingly effective they are at being pragmatic and at commercial execution in a startup environment.

On its side, Simfoni is excited about the relationship as well. The Simfoni team notes that the “sponsorship allows Simfoni to continue to position itself as a leader in the enterprise mobile application industry while allowing its clients to benefit from the industry expertise Spend Matters has to offer.”

And Chirag personally adds, “Having worked with Spend Matters in the past, I am delighted to once again be working with the team. In my experience, Spend Matters offers leading industry commentary regarding trends, thought leadership and vendor capability and we look forward to contributing to the debate as the procurement and supply chain sector manage the transition toward authentically mobile applications.”

I’ll close by saying If Chirag and his team’s passion for the sector and track record in entrepreneurial ventures are any indication, Simfoni should be a big success, and we look forward to watching their developments closely and welcoming them to the conversation.

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