Catching up with Tania Seary of Procurious — Network Hits 12,000 Members, Plans to Launch Corporate Edition in 2016


In early February, Procurious announced it hit 10,000 members. A month later when I spoke to Tania Seary, Procurious founder, the online business community for procurement and supply chain professionals had hit 12,000 members. The social network geared specifically for the procurement and supply chain world not only provides a space for like-minded people to connect, but Seary said it’s a place for professionals to be actively involved in their industry, to share ideas and collaborate on solutions to common challenges. Being an active member of the procurement profession is important, Seary said. People need to get involved to get ahead.

“It’s more than just being connected, you have to participate in the community,” she said.

Procurious launched in 2014 and has experienced steady, organic growth since. Seary hopes the online procurement and supply chain community continues to attract members and that those members use Procurious as their go-to spot to collaborate and to solve problems with industry peers. Members are already turning to Procurious’ discussion area, recommending suppliers, sharing best practices, etc., Seary said.

Corporate Edition Pilot

The member growth isn’t the only news from Procurious, though. The online network plans to launch a pilot of a corporate edition sometime in the next six months. This specific corporate edition will allow companies to adopt their own private Procurious networks used exclusively by their procurement or supply chain teams.

On this corporate platform, procurement organizations can create their own specific groups, communicate among one another, share projects, assignment tasks and give the chief procurement officer better visibility of the organization. It also allows for constant communication to occur within an organization, Seary said.

“It’s quite a powerful change management tool, as well,” she added.

Seary said the corporate edition of Procurious will be especially useful for global procurement networks and CPOs who manage procurement professionals in various countries around the world.

Millennials Promoting Social Collaboration in Procurement

Procurious says it is the network for a “new generation” of procurement professionals. What does this mean exactly? According to Seary, the type of talent procurement is attracting is much different than 10 years ago. Millennials are making up a growing percentage of professionals in procurement and supply chain, and these workers have a different skill set than previous generations. For example, Seary pointed out how millennials most often come to the workforce with a full suite of technology skills.

“This is the first generation to have this,” she said.

Millennials also are more social online and want to collaborate in their professions this way. Procurious is the perfect platform to foster collaboration among procurement professionals, Seary said, and one millennials are comfortable with.

Online social collaboration is important, too, for companies to recruit new talent. Millennials are regularly researching future bosses or potential employers online before accepting a job offer, Seary said. Companies and CPOs need to ensure their online profiles and online presence is up to date and reflects the organization in an authentic way.

Some, perhaps older generations of procurement professionals, may be more weary than millennials of social media and online collaboration. However, Seary said where Procurious differs from other online social platforms is how specific it is to its industry. Procurious is a “community where people know they are going to talk to like-minded people,” share similar stories and challenges, Seary said. It’s a “niche network,” and one Seary said reflect this “new age” procurement professionals.

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First Voice

  1. Mike Davies:

    Well done Tania, even us old fogeys are getting in on the act with support from our millennials.

    Procurious and its membership are open to new ideas on doing business. Businesses now need to be on this type of platform. It is no longer good enough just to have a brochure web site. The millennials always check web sites, but more importantly, presence on social media before making an approach to businesses.

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