Afternoon Coffee: Amazon Plans to Open Bookstore in San Diego, E2open to Acquire Terra Technology

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San Diego will soon be home to Amazon’s second physical bookstore in the United States. The store is expected to open in the summer and be similar to Amazon’s first bookstore in Seattle.

Amazon isn’t the only online retailer opening brick-and-mortar stores, however. Online companies like Fabeltics and Warby Parker are expanding their physical presence in new locations. Warby Parker’s Co-founder and co-CEO Neil Blumenthal said the physical stores give customers an “additional way to experience our brand.”

Cloud-based supply chain solution provider E2open said it will acquire Terra Technology, which provides consumer demand forecasting. E2open CEO Michael Farlekas said in a press release the acquisition “will allow deep information access and collaboration across the extended supply chain to sense demand changes, and react quickly to address supply constraints, optimize inventory and improve in-stock ratios.”

Auto production in Mexico was down 4.1% in February compared to last year. However, exports to the United States were up 5.7% last month. Mexico exports more than two-thirds of its cars to the U.S.

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