Anne Rung’s Advice for Public and Private Procurement at GPTS

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There are only six days left before the ISM and Spend Matters Global Procurement Tech Summit. As we approach the kick-off to the event, I’ll share six different perspectives on speakers and areas attendees should be paying close attention to. Up first is one of our keynotes speakers, Anne Rung, who is leading a session titled “From the War Room: Technology Hits and Misses From the Federal Government.”

Anne is ideally suited to lecture on this topic. She serves as administrator, Office of Federal Procurement Policy. (Translation: the closest thing we have to a federal CPO.) Anne and her team are in the ultimate procurement role. They influence spend — a lot of it. Try $450 billion annually.

Yet influence and direct control are different things. Anne and her team provide direction and policy, but it is generally up to individual agencies and departments to execute. Sound familiar for those in the private sector? You bet. The greatest impact centralized procurement organizations can have is influencing decentralized procurement and supply chain activities within the business itself.

But Anne’s White House role is more than just a model for procurement’s role generally in larger companies. She’s also a true wonk when it comes to putting policy into practice. As part of her talk, Anne will shine a spotlight on what the federal government is doing to leverage technology in public sector procurement (the good and the bad). For example, the Office of Management and Budget has a mandate for government-wide adoption of e-invoicing by the end of 2018 — an audacious, aggressive and very real goal.

Anne is passionate about the role of procurement in the federal government and technology’s role in transforming both, as well as an exceptional speaker and leader. Pay close attention to her keynote next week at the ISM and Spend Matters Global Procurement Tech Summit in Baltimore March 14–16.

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