One Big Winner, Several Big Losers: February’s Stock Portfolio [Plus+]

procurement stocks James Thew/Adobe Stock

It’s time for news about our portfolio of stocks from companies who are all or partly focused on procurement. We have 20 firms represented in our portfolio, and while this year we have abandoned our personal stock-picking competition after last year’s disaster, when we all lost significant amounts of (fake) money, we will still be reporting on overall portfolio performance every month and picking out a few firms to focus on more closely. Overall, February was a better month for the markets than January, with some stability returning in most countries following the dreadful start to the year, although the Dow Jones Global Index is still some 7% down year-to-date. Our overall portfolio is down some 2.5% so far, but while many of the stocks have been fairly quiet this year, the overall number conceals some big swings, positive and negative.

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