Prentis Wilson at GPTS: Will Amazon Business Change Your Procurement Strategy?

Amazon Business

I’m getting more excited for next week (March 14–16) as the first annual ISM and Spend Matters Global Procurement Tech Summit kicks off in Baltimore. One of the keynotes that is critically important for attendees to internalize and take back to their organization will be Prentis Wilson’s session, Amazon Business: This is the Future of Procurement.

I’ll be asking Prentis a number of questions on stage after his talk — topics I know our readers want to probe on. And this goes for attendees coming from all backgrounds who need to form their Amazon Business strategy.


  • Larger procurement organizations will need to decide for themselves if Amazon is “just another supplier” to them for long tail spend or something more — and how Amazon fits within their broader indirect systems strategy (e.g., Ariba/SAP, Coupa, etc.). These firms will also need to decide if they invest in making Amazon a strategic supplier, including dedicating cycles to supplier development activities.
  • Smaller and mid-size procurement organizations will need to think hard about how much of Amazon’s technology infrastructure they’ll want to use today and tomorrow. For example, by 2020, will Amazon Business become a core procurement system, replacing third-party e-procurement and P2P tools?
  • Technology firms and other distributors will need to decide how closely they want to partner with Amazon, including the level of detail they share about their own technologies and infrastructure. Dancing with a gorilla is more art than science!
  • Consultants will need to figure out how they advise clients on the use of Amazon Business on multiple levels. Is it just another supplier or distributor? How should Amazon’s broader technology offerings fit within a vendor management strategy? Which P2P systems play most nicely with Amazon today? Tomorrow? How should organizations leverage the growth of Amazon Business in negotiations with the broader supply base from a category strategy/management perspective?

Amazon Business is a game changer. But will you allow it to change your organization or will you mold your own strategy around it? It’s up to you. Which is why you need to pay very close attention to what Prentis has to say next week.

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