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There is a reason companies strive to have a diverse workforce — and if they are not, they should. Research has shown diversity produces a number of tangible benefits, such as company innovation and increased revenue. Recruiting and selecting diverse candidates is the first step to improving diversity at an organization. Entelo, a recruiting platform with specific diversity features, is helping companies source women and minority candidates to meet diversity goals.

Entelo was created in 2011 for companies to use for outbound recruiting efforts. The diversity sourcing features rolled out in 2014 and offered companies a way to specifically target female, minorities and veteran-qualified candidates for specific jobs. The diversity tool came as a result of the Entelo CEO having conversations with various companies and talent managers about common pain points when it came to recruiting.

“One thing we often heard over and over and over, is ‘diversity,’” said Loni Spratt, senior director of customer success at Entelo.

Spratt said a common complaint from these companies was how hard it was to attract diverse talent to their workforce. Entelo began building an algorithm in 2013 that would help pull diversity candidates from its extensive candidate network. Spratt said the company continued to test this algorithm until it was about 99% correct and then put it to market. So far, hiring managers have been able to find a greater pool of diverse and qualified candidates just by “clicking boxes” in the Entelo recruiting system.

For example, a user of the Entelo system can conduct a search for diverse candidates who meet a desired criteria — say they have a specific skill, are located in a certain city and are a Hispanic female. Black, Asian, Hispanic, female and veteran are among the available boxes a user can select to run a search on Entelo. While a user can select “female,” “veteran” and “black” for one search, a user cannot select “black” and “asian” in same search — only one race can be chosen in each search.

More on the Entelo Network and its Candidates

The Entelo network is composed of roughly 275 million profiles the Entelo team has created based on information candidates make publicly available on social sites around the web, Spratt told Spend Matters. About 50% of these profiles are of people located in the U.S.

The candidates on the Entelo network are also those who fill a need requested by an Entelo customer. Many users of Entelo’s system are companies in the tech industry and are looking for IT professionals, program developers or designers, for example, Spratt said. Other industries the Entelo network focuses on are sales, marketing and finance.

Candidates with knowledge and skills for these industry are those the Entelo team looks for to build its recruiting network. So, if your company is looking for a writer or illustrator who is female and Asian, Entelo may not be the place for you. But if you’re looking for a female, Asian web developer, you will likely pull up many names on the Entelo system.

Candidate Data and Customer Information

Other features of Entelo provides detailed information on each candidate who matches a specific search criteria. The system aggregates all the information a person shares on social media sites — Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or even Dribble, the online community for designers to showcase their work — and presents it to recruiters and hiring managers in one place. On Entelo, as demonstrated during a briefing Spratt gave, a user can see a candidate's previous job experience, just as it is presented on LinkedIn, and see examples of their work on social sharing sites. Users can also narrow down a search to show candidates who have been at a job for a period of time, which could be useful to weed out candidates who just started a new job or just entered the field and may not be best for a recruiter to reach out to.

Entelo has about 400 customers at the moment, all of which pay for the service through annual contracts, according to Spratt. Of those customers, about 50% of them are using the diversity features within the Entelo recruiting platform. Customers include smaller companies looking to hire their first employees to Fortune 100 global organizations that have defined diversity initiatives in place, Spratt said. Facebook, GE, UPS and Coca-Cola are some of the major companies named as customers on Entelo’s website.

Not only are diversity recruiting platforms like Entelo useful for companies with existing diversity initiatives, but for smaller firms that begin to search for more employees or even independent contractors as the business grows. Tools like Entelo can also help companies fill existing talent gaps, helping to locate qualified candidates with a specific skill set.

Increasing diversity numbers at a company can be a major undertaking and even a slow process. It “takes time to even move the needle 1%,” Spratt said. While Entelo isn’t necessarily going to be the silver bullet that increases diversity numbers overnight for a company it is “ a step in the right direction.”

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