The Practitioner’s Dilemma: The Digital Evolution of the Contingent Workforce Supply Chain (Part 3) [PRO]

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In Part 1 of this series, we offered and explained our theory and outlook on the evolution of the contingent workforce supply chain in coming years. Work intermediation platforms (WIPs) will become more established and viable as unique platform intermediaries that play specific roles related to certain workforce populations and business needs; they will also complement and integrate with some range of players in the existing supply chain — such as VMS, staffing suppliers, IC compliance firms — which may also adopt platform strategies themselves.

In Part 2 (a, b and c) of this series, we unpacked and dissected WIPs to give practitioners a higher resolution, accurate understanding of what WIPs are and, particularly, what different forms they have been taking. We have also explained how WIPs and ecosystems are two sides of the same coin and have tried to provide an initial basis for understanding work intermediation platform ecosystems.

In Part 3 of this series, we will attempt to bring Parts 1 and 2 together and analyze what it means for contingent workforce and services procurement practitioners in coming years and offer some suggestions on how to approach these developments.

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