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Per Angusta: Vendor Analysis

03/28/2016 By

Image by Victoria from Adobe Stock

Per Angusta was born out of the determination of the founder, Pierre Laprée, to escape Microsoft Excel Hell (which is where most Procurement organizations still in the damnation of the Procurement Dark Ages still reside) where bad strategies, losses in the billions and a supply chain disaster waiting to happen is the cours de la jour. When Laprée was trying to manage his sourcing pipeline, projects and savings projections on a daily basis in Excel, he found that it was incredibly time-consuming, constricting and downright painful. The amount of time it took to consolidate, normalize and analyze data was enormous and the end result was not always reliable. Finding no solution in the market designed specifically for sourcing pipeline management, he decided to form Per Angusta and build one.

And that's exactly what Per Angusta is — a SaaS platform to build and manage sourcing pipelines, track savings for organizational validation and make procurement's impact visible to the organization — which, as per Sigi Osagie (author of Procurement Mojo) is the key to building your procurement brand. This is Pierre Lapree’s story — and that of his new firm, an upstart competitor to Sievo, Zycus and others in the business of guiding and measuring procurement results, albeit in different ways.

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