Find Love in Procurement: Introducing Dating Matters

Dating Matters

With commodity prices at stubborn lows and fears of a global slowdown looming, procurement professionals are feeling more pressure than ever to generate savings and lower supply risk exposure for their organizations. But where does that leave time to find love?

Don't worry — Spend Matters will be your wingman. Introducing Dating Matters, the world's first Dating-as-a-Service platform. This newest addition to the Spend Matters Network helps you manage your supply of potential partners by giving you the tools you need — including Person2Person (P2P) date management and multiple analytic interfaces — to take your relationship from that initial RFI all the way to contract and partnership bliss.

So stop burning the midnight oil and procure something with real strategic value. Visit Dating Matters today, and Find Love in Procurement.

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Voices (6)

  1. Pierre Mitchell:

    I swear I saw Bunny Spaving first in line at the ‘tchotchke run’ at the expo floor at ISM event last year

    1. Taras Berezowsky:

      Ha! and by “New York” in her profile, Bunny means “I live in Hackensack…with my parents.” ok, i’m officially cutting myself off 🙂

  2. Jason Busch:

    OK, that’s the best one of the day yet. Would that be a true maverick buy?

    1. Taras Berezowsky:

      Big time!

  3. Brian Hoffmeyer:

    Too bad this wasn’t around when I was single!

    1. Taras:

      No worries, Brian, Ashley Madison Matters is in beta….hiyoooo!

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