Spend Matters Launches New Personalized As-a-Service Research Platform

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We here at Spend Matters have been tracking the implications of the “as-a-service” economy on procurement for many years, particularly with impact of platforms-as-a-service (PaaS) in procurement. What’s important about “aaS” or “XaaS” (everything as a service) isn’t just taking stock of the rich variety of services coming online, but also how the segments within the market are converging with each other.  

Procurement organizations who are looking to become agile and even “disruptive” must be strong at commercially managing these services for the enterprise, and just for itself. (You can read about this here or here. I’ll also be co-presenting this topic of “buying everything as a service” at this year’s ISM conference in May).

Still, we wanted to take our thought leadership one step further and personalize the insights about smartly tapping innovation from the XaaS mega market. You are unique and therefore we wanted to “mass customize” an XaaS intelligence solution for you. It goes beyond traditional supply market intelligence to tailor the content to your unique needs. We call it MyaaS.  

Although similar to technology-specific offerings such as MIASS, this solution is specifically geared to a broader service ecosystem. Although it’s not released yet, here are the benefits we envision:

  • The beauty of MyaaS is that it’s in the cloud and you never have to touch it on your premises
  • MyaaS is well rounded so that all potential users can enjoy it how they best see fit
  • Obviously MyaaS will grow huge as we feed it more inputs, but it’s not the size of MyaaS that matters, but rather how well it delivers
  • Everyone should have a stake in MyaaS, from a CEO down to a site buyer
  • Once you’ve been living in MyaaS for long enough, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner
  • We hope that MyaaS will become a premier brand, and when they see a silly term like “robotic process automation” or even an institute based on it, they can exclaim “RPA MyaaS!”
  • Exploring MyaaS will be free initially, but as it grows in power (even though many hope MyaaS doesn’t become truly disruptive), we might monetize MyaaS in new exciting ways.

Anyway, stay tuned for more details on MyaaS and when to expect an initial release. Perhaps 365 days from now we’ll have more details.

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