Procurement in the Middle East: 10 Observations on Regional Practices and Requirements (Part 1) [PRO]

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For multinational organizations today — and for those expanding globally — creating the right procurement operating model, structure and culture for operations in the Middle East is critical. Using the right technologies is essential not only to leapfrog others but also to address specific business cultural nuances. As countries like the United Arab Emirates look to increasingly become global business and logistics hubs and the entire region looks to move past dependence on the energy sector in the coming decades, procurement will take on an increasingly strategic role (despite the fact far too many executives in the region continue to view procurement tactically). This multipart Spend Matters PRO analysis provides a primer on building and running an effective procurement organization in the Middle East and offers recommendations for procurement solution and services providers operating in or targeting the region. It is based, in part, on discussions with more than a dozen procurement executives and consultants based in the UAE. In the first installment of this series, we provide a snapshot of the state of procurement in the Middle East starting with a list of 10 observations. Further coverage will include a checklist for accelerating new or existing regional procurement programs and recommended solution vendors with on-the-ground presence (and customers) in the region.

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