At Last, a Good Month For Our Procurement Stock Portfolio [Plus+]

procurement stocks blackdogvfx/Adobe Stock

It’s time for news about our portfolio of stocks from companies that are all or partly focused on procurement. We have 20 firms represented in our portfolio, and while this year we have abandoned our personal stock-picking competition after last year’s disaster (when we all lost significant amounts of money), we will still be reporting on overall portfolio performance every month and picking out a few firms to focus on more closely. Overall, March saw the improving trend continuing, with markets continuing their recovery from the January woes, and our portfolio in general is performing well. Indeed, for the first time in over a year, the procurement portfolio significantly out-performed the wider market. The procurement stocks in aggregate were up almost 5% on the month and now stand at over 2% above the beginning of the year, whereas the markets in general were up a couple of percentage points and are pretty much back to where they started in 2016.

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