ClientLoyalty Officially Launches Relationship Management Platform

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ClientLoyalty, a cloud-based enterprise relationship management software company, officially launched its platform this week. The platform had been in beta testing since January, with a number of companies, including reported multinational and Fortune 100 corporations, testing the solution in recent months. Kent Barnett, CEO and co-founder of ClientLoyalty, said the beta testing was successful and the feedback provided by users during the last three months will drive ClientLoyalty’s product roadmap in the future.

Barnett points to the strong user interface and user experience design of the beta version of the ClientLoyalty platform as one reason the testing was successful. Much of the feedback ClientLoyalty heard from beta users was that the technology was easy to use and adds value to organizations quickly, he said.

The ClientLoyalty platform hosts a supplier performance management solution for buyers as well as a client success management solution for suppliers. The platform gives both sides a chance to manage and improve relationships. Barnett called the technology a “360-degree solution,” combining the voices from procurement organizations as well as the suppliers. One of ClientLoyalty’s aims is to fill the holes of other customer relationship management and supplier relationship management solutions available, the company said in a recent press release.

Additional Details on ClientLoyalty Solution

ClientLoyalty gathers data on suppliers and buyers using feedback from those working with them, as well as data from key performance indicators and what Barnett calls “social sentiment” — a sort of reputation score the company has with external partners and the public. The ClientLoyalty solution combines the data through the company’s algorithm, which is based on the Net Promoter System, Six Sigma and predictive analytics solutions, to issue reputation and performance ratings on companies.

Barnett compares ClientLoyalty’s system to an employee performance management solution that gathers feedback on an employees from a variety of sources to determine how well that employee is doing at their job.

ClientLoyalty’s Roadmap

Looking ahead, Barnett said the beta testing phase of ClientLoyalty identified possible additional features the company could add to the solution in the future. For instance, beta users said having the ability to tie supplier risk reporting tools to supplier performance data would be useful. Barnett agrees, saying it’s something ClientLoyalty has added to its product roadmap.

“The ability to tie risk ratings with performance ratings in one location, along with levels of spend, is a really valuable enhancement,” he said.

ClientLoyalty will also continue to work with the handful of strategic partners it has who are not just using the technology but are interested in helping to shape future releases of the solution. Those clients, Barnett said, will be instrumental in driving ClientLoyalty’s roadmap for the future.

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