Write Better Procurement Technology RFPs (Part 3): The RFI and RFP [Plus+]

cloud computing everythingpossible/Adobe Stock

In our first article in this series, we noted how in Spend Matters’ last PLUS series on RFPs, we gave you some insights on how to write better RFPs in general, which is great when you are buying products and services, but not always enough when you are buying software solutions – especially for yourself. Specifically, the process of understanding the requirements, selecting the right providers to invite, and creating good specifications is a bit more nuanced than just the form, fit and function requirements of a physical component being purchased in the supply chain. Part 1 of this series focused on what was required to truly understand the requirements and the second focused on what was required to truly select a good provider to invite to the table. This article focuses on the creation of good RFIs and RFPs, as we alluded to in the first two parts of this series, and also in our previous series on how to write a good RFP in general.

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