What is IQN Up to in 2016? A Pattern Emerges This Spring

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At IQNsiders a year ago, as reported by Spend Matters, IQN announced the technology foundation for the execution of its new strategy to address the emerging world of talent engagement.  

Back at that time, we described the unveiling of the Falcon project, saying, “In delivering its new platform and PaaS model, IQN wants to foster an ecosystem around its solutions, which will allow other vendors to plug and play their capabilities through a range of published APIs in manner that more resembles what Amazon enables with merchants, supply chain partners, tech providers, advertisers and customers than what Ariba, Coupa or others have built to date in the P2P sector.”  

Earlier this year, we published an article “Will there be a VMS Renaissance in 2016?,” a subject which we will continue to follow-up on over the course of the 2016, to see how the answer to that question is shaping up. More specifically, we observed:

IQN seems well-positioned to continue to execute its open platform and partner integration ecosystem strategy. It appears to us that IQN’s strategy of becoming more of a non-employee workforce sourcing and talent acquisition and engagement platform — not simply a vendor management system — encompasses enabling the full lifecycle of engaging non-employee workforce from sourcing to onboarding (and of course, as previously all the way through off-boarding, though in the future, workers could be off-boarded into talent pools).

Since January, IQN has been growing its partner ecosystem it had begun to develop in 2015. On top of partnerships prior to 2016, which included Tapfin, AGS, MBO Partners, Montage, Genesys Talent, HireRight, and Hired, IQN has added several other partnerships in 2016, including Bullhorn and quite recently Brightfield Strategies. Dovetailing with IQN’s own core data analytics initiative, the Brightfield partnership is a significant one, given Brightfield’s Talent Data Exchange platform/service (as illustrated below in Brightfield’s website graphic).



Over the past few months, we have had a number of opportunities to validate the technical architecture of the new platform and to get a clearer understanding of IQN’s own platform ecosystem strategy, topics we’ll likely have more to say about after IQNsiders 2016 later this month.

So, there are signs that IQN’s platform ecosystem strategy is blooming, and we will soon no doubt get a clearer scent at the IQNsiders 2016.

And what of the VMS Renaissance in 2016? In the broader VMS landscape, has the winter of our discontent finally passed? Indeed, there are clear signs of spring here and there in the VMS field — a broad range of developments that we will be singing the praises of in weeks and months to come.

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