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Lavante: Vendor Analysis (Part 2) — Strengths, Weaknesses, Competition and Customer Recommendations

04/21/2016 By

Image by Sergey Nivens sourced from Adobe Stock

While not as well known as many other technology providers in the procurement technology ecosystem, Lavante has quietly developed a strong list of Fortune 500 customers, many with diverse sets of supplier information management and audit recovery challenges. (And it has succeeded in linking these initiatives together, we might add.) While Lavante remains North American-centric — it has no offices overseas — the firm can support global clients that want to take audit recovery “in-house” with the flexibility (and option) to self-fund the management of supplier onboarding, master data cleansing and broader compliance initiatives through direct savings capture. As we noted in the first installment in this series, Lavante counts a diverse set of large retail, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, pharmaceutical, hospitality, telecommunications and financial services clients, many with large supplier and transactional datasets. In our initial coverage, we provided an introduction to Lavante and some of the highlights of its solution set and capabilities. This Spend Matters PRO research brief provides additional insight into Lavante’s strengths, weaknesses and competition, and offers recommendations to customers and prospective customers that are using or considering the solution.

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